Acrylic canvas:

Eliminate dirt by gently brushing or vacuuming the fabric. Occasionally, use a solution of water (at a temperature of no more than 30º C) and neutral soap. Apply to the fabric and then rinse off with abundant water. Let the fabric dry completely.

Refrain from using solvents or abrasive detergents.

Do not use a jet wash or washing machine.

If you have mould on the inside or green algae build up on the outside we recommend iosso ‘mold and mildew remover’ as this will kill the spores, lift the discolouration and not damage the fabric.

The first time you clean the canvas you will lose the outer Teflon coating, the fabric will still be waterproof, but water will not bead and run off as well as before, to restore your cover to its former glory you can use a waterproofer such as Fabsil.

Polyester Based Vinyl:

Again, use a solution of water (at a temperature of no more than 30º C) and neutral soap to clean your cover. Do not use anything abrasive such as scouring pads as this will scratch the material. Try to clean your cover on a regular basis; if the dirt is allowed to build up it will be harder to shift.

To protect your canopy we recommend iosso ‘vinyl & leather cleaner & conditioner’. This returns the gloss, helps hide scratches and has UV inhibitors.

Window material:

Just use a soft sponge and plenty of water, cleaning your windows regularly is a good idea as this will prevent dust and grime building up and prematurely ageing your windows.

You can use a polish such as Renovo window polish to remove fine scratches.


Please take the time to roll up your side panels properly.. Do not fold or throw them over the top of the cover. Folding will crease the window shortening it’s life span. Throwing over the top will distort the zips and twist the teeth resulting in early zip replacement.

Lubricate fitting and zips regularly with silicon grease/spray to keep them operating smoothly.

For any other fabrics or problems please feel free to call us for advice.