Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

We will ask for your location, boat name and contact details. We will then arrange to visit you and your boat to fit any necessary framework and to take patterns. At this time we can further advise on material choice, design and show samples of fabric types.

Do I need to bring my boat to you?

No, we come to you. We can meet you at your mooring or on the cut. Some customers do drop by our location if they wish to and are travelling our way. We need prior notice if you wish to do this.

Do you require me to be at my boat?

Not necessarily. If you know your requirements and it has previously been discussed then no, we do not need you to be in attendance. We do not require internal access to your boat. All we ask is that you keep the areas to be covered clear and there is reasonable access to your boat.

Do you use old covers as patterns?

No, never. Nor do we take measurements by phone or on a form! We take new patterns exclusive to your boat.

Will you drill holes in my boat?

In short yes. There is no way round this. We do our utmost to limit potential issues with corrosion and water ingress. We use stainless fasteners where available and appropriate. We use blind style rivets and threaded holes are greased.

How do I clean my covers?

P.V.C. (including windows) – Wipe down with a soft sponge using warm water or non-detergent soapy water. Rinse off and wipe with a clean soft cloth.

CANVAS – set aside one hot drying day or two dry days. Using a soft brush for the material and a soft cloth for the windows, wash with warm soapy water, ‘Lux/eco soaps (nothing containing bleach or chemicals) or ‘iosso’ (obtainable websites, Ebay), ‘Mould & Mildew Stain Remover’ for stubborn stains. Rinse off thoroughly, when dry, work in a re-proofer, ‘Renovo’/’Fabsil’ (obtainable websites, Ebay) to the instructions.

CRATCH BOARD – Re-fresh – gently sand down and re-varnish with ‘Osmo Oil Uv-Protection Oil’, (obtainable from local hardware stores, Ebay) to the instructions, 2 coats.



To prolong the life of your cover: Keep clean: Always roll, never fold the material: If your cover was designed with straps, roll the sides up and secure in straps, don’t just ‘flop’ the sides over the top as this puts extra strain on the zips, which will eventually fail: Never use a jet/pressure washer, it destroys the thread and ruins the material: If cruising with your pram hood, remember, you lowered the chimney, aerial, flower pots, etc. to gain clearance under bridges, remember to do the same with your hoops!

That’s it, lecture over. This information was designed to help you and should you need further assistance, or repairs, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re boaters too!